BPO Services

We provide a broad portfolio of information technology solutions and business process to its clients worldwide. 8Bit Technologies is the leading information technology consulting, services, and business process outsourcing organization that envisioned and instigated the adoption of the flexible business practices that today enable our client companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value.

Our Amazing Services under BPO Services

To produce innovative and affordable IT Enabled solutions to enable humanity to explore the opportunities and services we provide. The Effectiveness accompanies each project that we undertake, with the realization of the objectives of our customer. The Reliability and the Integrity constitute the main axes of our business culture.

8Bit Technologies focusing on excellent Customer Support for its clients. Business Process Outsourcing benefits include reducing costs, greater efficiency and increased ability to focus on core business. To achieve these you need a partner who understands your goals and has the expertise to meet them.

8Bit Technologies provides call center outsourcing services that are comprehensive and tailored to your needs. This includes offshore or onshore, inbound or outbound, global or multichannel contact center services.

Business Process Outsourcing:

• BPO Services: BPO services which include- Research and Survey, IT-ES, Back-office services and much more, we will take care of the entirety of your non-core business processes while you can channel your undivided attention in boosting your sales and profits.

• IT Enabled Services: IT-ES not only enhances your quality of service but also serves as a means for value edition on your company portfolio. Tele-Marketing Services, 8Bit Technologies is the best to provide organization, Reaching customers the best way through data, insights, and technology.


Tele-Marketing & Customer facing: We provide the outsourcing services of both kinds Inbound and outbound.

  • Order Processing
  • Help Desk
  • Inquiry Handling
  • Customer Support
  • Product Information Requests
  • Customer Feedback and query and much more
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Lead Generation
  • Telemarketing

Sales and Marketing:  To meet your customers’ increasing expectations, you need a truly unified effort. Everything from data to CRM to marketing execution should work together to deliver the most dynamic and convenient customer experience possible.


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February 28, 2020


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